Privacy Policy

The Internet is not a secure environment.  However, we make every reasonable effort to protect your personally identifiable information. The policies described herein were established to respect your security.

Our policy is as follows:
Children and young people (17 years & under) will not be identified by personal details other than first name, unless prior permission has been obtained from the parents or guardian. In the case of large group photos, no names are usually posted.

Adults (18 years &older) who attend Hibben activities will be considered to have given implied consent for the posting of their images in our various publications with their first and last names. However, we usually only include first names or in the case of group photos, no names are posted.

We will post individually identifiable information (phone number, email, etc.) only when you specifically request that we do so. Typically, this will occur when you desire to serve as a point of contact for an upcoming event, on-going activity, etc. We will make every effort to use the church office as a global point of contact instead of posting any personal information in church publications.

The exception to the above policy involves new member photos published in the Good News Letter. We feel that this is the best way to present our new members to the congregation. It will appear one time only.

Our online member directory, which contains names, addresses, phone numbers and in some cases, email addresses, will remain in a password protected area of our Web site.

Consideration is being given to creating a larger Members Only Area on our Web site which would be password protected. Examples of items which could be included in this area are: the online member directory, church financial information, prayer lists, message boards, the Good News Letter archive, the eNewsletter archive, and any committee minutes & reports which may be posted.

Any member objecting to the use of his or her photo, and/or objecting to the use of a minor child’s photo in any of our publications, should inform the church office.

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