Seasonal Services


Lent is a season of forty days, not including Sundays, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends at Easter vigil. Lent comes from the Anglo-Saxon word lencten, which means “spring.” The season is a preparation for celebrating Easter. Historically, Lent began as a period of fasting and preparation for baptism by converts and then became a time for penance by all Christians.

A Service of Lenten Meditation will be held each Wednesday March 8 – April 12, 2017 at 12:00 noon in the Chapel.

Ash Wednesday

This service on the first day of Lent includes the traditional imposition of ashes, as a sign of our own mortality and our confession sin before God within the community of faith.

March 1, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.


Passion/Palm Sunday – April 9, 2017

 8:15 & 10:30 a.m. (combined 10:30 worship services)

Hibben’s annual Easter egg hunt begins at 9:15 a.m. on the front steps of the church.

At 10:00 a.m., all Faith Formation classes through 6th grade and our Hibben Preschool guests will meet in the sanctuary to rehearse for the procession of palms. Following the procession, they will offer two songs, then be seated with their parents for the remainder of the 10:30 service.

Fellowship Dinner at 11:45 a.m. in the CLLC

Mid-Day Lenten Meditation – March 8, 15, 22 & 29 and April 5, 2017

Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. Noon in the Chapel

Maundy Thursday  Tenebrae Service – April 13, 2017

7:00 p.m.  Holy Communion  ~ Stripping of the Altar

(Nursery Provided)

Easter Sunday Worship – April 16, 2017

7:00 a.m.    Sunrise Service at Citadel Beach House

8:15 a.m.    Traditional Morning Worship (Sanctuary)

10:30 a.m.  Traditional Morning Worship (Sanctuary)

10:30 a.m.  The Well

We celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior at our regularly scheduled Traditional services.


Advent marks the beginning of the church year. It begins with the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day. Advent comes from the Latin word, adventus, meaning “coming.” It is a season to prepare for the coming of Christ in various meanings: the promised coming of the Messiah to the Jews, the coming of Jesus being born in Bethlehem, the promised return of the risen Christ in final victory, and the continual coming of Christ into the lives and hearts of believers.

Advent  is part of the cycle of seasons that includes Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, all related in some fashion to the coming of Jesus. That cycle is followed by Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and the long Pentecost season.

 First Sunday of Advent Worship – November 27, 2016

 Worship at 8:15 a.m., 10:30 a.m. (Sanctuary),  10:30 a,m. (The Well)

Advent Worship/Ring and Sing & Lunch for Shut-ins & Primetimers – December 4, 2016

Second Sunday of Advent Worship – December 4, 2016

 Worship at 8:15 a.m., 10:30 a.m. (Sanctuary),  10:30 a,m. (The Well)

Third Sunday of Advent Worship – December 11, 2016

Worship at 8:15 a.m., Combined 10:30 a.m. The Well in Sanctuary

4:00 p.m. in the CLLC

Pizza Before the Parade

Hot Chocolate & Cookies After the Parade

Fourth Sunday of Advent Worship – December 18, 2016 

Worship at 8:15 a.m., 10:30 a.m. (Sanctuary),  10:30 a,m. (The Well)


Christmas Eve, December 24, 2016

4:00 p.m. Candlelight Communion

5:30 p.m. Family Nativity Service–Presented by all Children in attendance

7:00 p.m. Candlelight Communion (Nursery Provided)

9:00 p.m. Candlelight Communion

Christmas Day, December 25, 2016

One Worship Service at 10:30 a.m.

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