Steps Toward Hibben’s Future

An Overview

On August 22, 2017, the Hibben Church Council convened a special meeting to consider undertaking a Capital Fund Drive to address critical needs for our future. At the heart of this program is the need to replace our unreliable sanctuary organ. Simple repair was not a viable option. Our new Allen organ is in place and is a magnificent addition to our services. Hibben leadership has concluded that in addition to the organ replacement, it was appropriate that we consider associated sanctuary improvements, capital facility upgrades to both the main sanctuary and CLLC buildings, and conclude debt retirement.

Hibben leadership has established a campaign committee to help determine appropriate needs and communicate progress with the congregation. As the listing of necessary upgrades is comprehensive, we need all inclusive participation. We hope that as many congregants as possible will be able to serve in some capacity. We need your participation to make this dream a reality. Additional communications will follow.


Debt Reduction

Hibben is in strong financial condition. Due to our generous and diligent members, we reduced our building mortgage to zero in just a few short years. In December of 2017, the debt was paid off! Funds previously applied to mortgage interest have been freed up to support our growing ministries. The generosity of our congregation has enabled Hibben to grow and make needed repairs to our extensive facilities. Committee chairpersons have been excellent stewards by achieving program objectives while maintaining expense within budget allowances. We are well positioned to take the next steps.


The Organ

Our new organ is here! Our own organist Rodney Pendall has created a blog all about our new Allen 4-manual. Follow him at


Sanctuary Alterations

Along with the new organ, it seems an appropriate time to renovate the altar area. Plans are not set but the overall goal is flexibility. The organ will be completely mobile, as will all other elements. This is to accommodate any type of need that may arise. From Christmas pageants to community events to Sunday mornings. The continuation of the Sanctuary lighting upgrade will be continued to include the altar.


Trustee Recommendations

The Trustees were asked to list a few capital improvements. These are above what would be considered maintenance issues and upgrades. Some spotlighted areas include a sidewalk upgrade, a handicap ramp, the Vincent Street retaining wall and roofs for the Sanctuary and CLLC. These are fluid suggestions at the moment and may change as the campaign develops.


Christian Life and Learning Center

The CLLC is closing in on 20 years old and therefore getting to the point of needing more than just maintenance. The lighting in the gym was just replaced at the beginning of October 2017. The gym floor refinishing was just finished and will last for years to come! We also recently finished converting our unused stage area into much needed storage. The gym walls have gotten a fresh coat of paint.



Cost Breakdown

Low end to high end estimates
Mortgage Payoff $62,000-92,000
Organ $372-380,000
Sanctuary Altar $25-75,000
Altar Lighting $35-50,000
Trustee Recommendations $100-120,000
CLLC Upgrade $50-150,000
TOTAL $644,000 -867,000


Check back for updates.

What you can do

We are so close to our goal! We will end this campaign by the end of 2019, just over two years from when we started. There is still $66,000 on our line of credit to be paid. If you are new to Hibben or have previously been unable to be involved, please prayerfully consider a donation now. Everyone is needed to reach the finish line!

To make a donation, please contact Business Manager Julie Martin by email or at (843) 884-9761.

Contact Tim Ristau with questions regarding the campaign.


Pledge cards are available in the church office. Please contact Business Manager Julie Martin at with questions. Donations can be made on our giving page.

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