Forms, Documents & Policies

Immunization Policy

Hibben Preschool requires all enrolled children to have a current SC Certificate of Immunization on file in the preschool office. We do not accept medical, religious or other exemptions.

Severe Weather Policy

In the event of actual or predicted severe weather, our policy is as follows: If Charleston County School District (CCSD) will be closed, we will be closed. If CCSD operates on a 2 hour delay, we will be closed. If CCSD operates on a 1 hour delay, we will be open at our normal time of 9:00 for students.  Please tune in to local news media, and watch or listen for announcements regarding CCSD to determine accordingly whether Hibben Preschool will be open or closed. Every attempt will be made to notify parents via email.  We also try to post weather related announcements on our Facebook page and update our outgoing voice mail message with the appropriate information, but this is not always possible. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by weather-related closures, especially when the decision is made at the last minute, but must do what is best for the safety of our children and our teachers.

Children with Special Needs

We strive to serve the needs of all children.  However, if a child has a special need we are unable to accommodate, we will provide information for alternative programs for your child.   If the child’s needs exceed the qualifications of our staff, we reserve the right to disenroll your student.  In this case, appropriate notice will be given prior to disenrollment.

Hibben Happenings