Hibben Preschool Board

Hibben Preschool receives guidance and oversight from the preschool board.

If you have questions or concerns for the board, please submit them in writing to the board chairperson’s mailbox in the preschool office.

Current board members are:

Tom Cook, Chairperson (through 12/31/20)

Carol Cook, Member-at-large (through 12/31/20)

Jennie Mings, Member-at-large (through 12/31/21)

Erin Piver, Member-at-large (through 12/31/22)

Sheila Sparks, Member-at-large (through 12/31/21)

Linda Abbitt, Member-at-large (through 12/31/21)

Dunc Williams, Member-at-large (through 12/31/21)

Kim Dowd, Ex-Officio (Director of Hibben Preschool)

Amy Epperson, Ex-Officio (HUMC Director of Children’s Ministries)

Hibben Happenings